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A big thankyou to everyone who has submitted song ideas. If you haven't yet, why don't you listen to some songs and then submit your own idea.

Listen to The Marmite Girl
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Suggestion from : XXXX
Title : Marmite! Arg...

I am covered in marmite. Arg...

Reply :
Well, that is just great. I have always wondered what that might feel like. I have no idea who or what you might be, but this my song song based on what you said..

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Listen to Butterflies and Wine
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Suggestion from : Jenny
Title : Chinese and chopsticks

Jenny :
A song about butterflies, wine, friends and superglue....lets see how good you are teeheehee.

Reply :
Oh a challenge is it? I like that, but why is it called Chinese and Chopsticks? I think it should be called "Butterflies and Wine".

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Listen to Beer and Fun
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Suggestion from : Ozzy
Title : Erm...

Ozzy :
Beer, and fun, and beer, and fun and love and punk rock, bunny rabbits and how cabbage is evil, Jelly, Jelly babys, how much we miss sheep too.

Reply :
Okay. I happen to believe bunnies are evil too, so I added that into the mix. Also if you miss sheep I suggest looking for them in fields as they very rarely use the internet. I think.

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Listen to Loo Brush
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Suggestion from : Dick-I
Title : The Toilet Brush - The most loving of household utensils

Dick-I :
I think you should write a song about the Toilet Brush, as it is the most loving and caring of all household utensils. No other utensil I can think of loves you quite as much, and never asks for recognition.

Reply :
You are a bit strange Dick-I, and what kind of name is that anyway? Having said that, I think I know just where you are coming from.

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Listen to The Green Cross Code
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Suggestion from : Liz & Emma
Title : Hedgehog Song

Liz & Emma :
We want a song about hedgehogs. We think that would be really cool, because they know how to cross roads and stuff like that.


Reply :
Cool. Thanks for your suggestion. I love hedgehogs. Poor little blights. Bless em.

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Listen to Animal Farm
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Suggestion from : Sharon
Title : Stinky Animal Farm

Sharon :
We share our house and garden with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 rabbits and 2 guinae pigs! It is like Old MacDonald had a farm - Next we need a goat to trim the grass...then we will have a scottish highland cow as a pet and make cheese from the milk...then we would like some more puppies and kittens...anyway that is the truth cos we are slightly eccentric!

Reply :
Thanks for the suggestion Sharon, I can just imagine the constant comotion of dogs chasing cats, cats chasing rabbits and a pair of fat guinae pigs shouting, drinking and making bets on the action.

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Listen to Freaky Ambo Dance
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Suggestion from : Freaky Ambo
Title : The Johnnies

Freaky Ambo :
I think it is about time there was a fun song about all those St John Ambulance volunteers out there (instead of the boring hymns). Keywords could include stuff about volunteer ambulance officers (ambos), wicked sense of humour, save lives (but have a good laugh about the patient later), doing silly things with medical equipment. Just go wild!

Reply :
Okay Freaky Ambo. I think this might be kinda like what you are after. It is not so much about ambos, as it is in honour of ambos. I still think you might like it though, even if I have changed the title from The Johnnies to The Freaky Ambo Dance. Now I want to see some ambos dancing! that okay with you guys?.

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Listen to Skinny Dipping
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Suggestion from : Kyle
Title : Skinny Dipping

Kyle :
Could you please write a song about skinny dipping. And the fact that if the water is cold all your "bits" go whoosh into your stomach. Key words to use: genital woosh, cold sea front, nakedness. Thanks I am looking forward to hearing it.
From Kyle!

Reply :
Ah Skinny Dipping, one of lifes many naked pleasures, but fraut with many dangers, not just genital woosh. I figured out how to fit those key words into a song in the short amount of time I had to write this, but this is what I came up with instead. I might come back to this one again, because after all, skinny dipping can be fun!

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Listen to Captain Beaky (ver 1)
Click here to hear Captain Beaky (ver 1)

Suggestion from : Colin
Title : Captain Beaky

Just wondered if you fancied making a song about a silly nickname I have. Key lines like Captain Beaky... its only money..... climbing the walls... use the name Steve in it too... Steve aka Captin Beaky. Along the lines of andys batchelor pad.... what does he get up to at night... whats in his room etc... I thought the goat line was so funny... Will really go down at work as a right laugh.


Thanks for the suggestion Colin. Its not exactly like Andys Batchelor Pad. I had a whole load of ideas what he could do at night, but I ran out of time really quickly. So for now you just get hunting baboons to train for ballon games.

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Listen to Carry on Dickie
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Suggestion from : Steve
Title : Carry on Dicky

want a really funny song about a work mate called Dicky...Keys words would be:
Big ears, Wingnut, Avoid the Wife, Beak, and insert something about Sid James off the
carry on movies because he looks the spitting image of him...

Cheers (GO MAD MATE!)

Thanks for the suggestion Steve.Again not exactly what you asked for, could I find a use for the words "beak" or "big ears"?.  Is it really funny though?

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