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The Story of an old man who goes on an adventure and is challenged to do an impossible act.

Prairie Dog Stories

A long time ago in a hole near new yet forgotten lands the last week was most horriffic ordeal for Hilda the Turkey. Bernard Matthews had been making all sorts of suggestions, frightening suggestions of a barbeque next weekend that really put the wind up our hero. She decide to evade barbequeing by disguising herself as a large lemon in a sombreo , a plan that turn ed out to be more silly as opposed to useful.

Hilda was quickly discovered by a talent scout from EMI ,who at the time was deaf, but knew what he wanted for breakfast and that was turkey, and my o my, turkey dressed as lemon .. Hilda paniced, only one thought passed through her mind "Everybody do the conga!" . So with all the grace and whimzey of a turkey dresssed as a lemon she began screaming at the top of her voice iuuiiuiuub uikkuyi fjfjd . With that, from under a dounut shaped cloth crawled a tiny but some how not unseemingly bothered rare albino pygme goat . The goat\'s name was hello and he started to nibble at Hilda with a somewhat smug look in his eye. and out came a chihuahua Helo im sexyyyy can i nibble too? Then came an Amarillo. hello Hello from Tamara.B, Krae, Jack Off and the Smiling Butterfly . And along came a klmno09273 who was almost entirely without

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