MONKEY FISH, a hard working Jazz act, started its never ending adventure in search of Jazz on 19th of Febuary not long after founding member Kirk Harris entered the popo-verse. Shortly after forming the band Kirk realised that he would need money to support his musical endevours, so he got his first job working as a cleaner for Evil Records. Since then much has change for the little plasticine man.....

As one may imagine, life was nearly unbearable working for Evil Record, but luckily it wasn't long before Kirk was hired as a bartender in The Pot Spot, a club in Amsterdam. So off he went with high hopes for a better future. It wasn't long before Kirk began to flurish in his new home, with a decent wage and working conditions he was having the best time of his life.

Know for putting on shows as a solo Jazz act covering the very best of the latest hits, Monkey Fish was sign by Lonewolf Muisc and released his debut single "Monkey Fish" in May 2005. Although there were several teething problems with the record company Kirk stuck with them hoping the things would change and get better soon.

Soon Kirk realised that maybe one man is not enough to make it in the competitive world of popomundo Jazz and later in May was joined by Kees, a promising young saxophanist who was just wanting a reason to play, and after a slightly troublesome start they finally took off like flying monkey fish, crashing onto the stage at The Funky Buddha in London on 21st June. Since then Kees and Kirk have developed a tremendous partnership and swiftly made their way to second most famous Jazz act in the world. Kees also bought a monkey and named it Kirk....

June 2005 was also significant because Lonewolf Music went up for sale and was sold to Cat Records, Kirk stayed with the new company hoping that new management would improve matters.

Things went well for the two man line up for nearly a popomundo year, releasing several singles and ane album with Cat Records. Then, late in July, Kirk had the bright idea to accept some more members into the band. Ken Zamora as a second guitarist, Fredrick Clarke as lead vocalist, and Junior Schaefer
as pianist. True to form things swiftly turned nasty for Monkey Fish as new members Freddie and Ken fell under the strain of the heavy tour schedule. However, Kirk, Kees, and Junior were able to carry on to complete the tour....well, that's what they hope!

Only a few days after dropping out of the tour Ken, hardy and professional Jazz musician that he is, managed to recover enough to be able to travel again. So, in a display of courage and fortitude, he booked himself a plane ticket to Amsterdam to re-join the three remaining Monkey Fish who were still touring.

It was September. The tour was over and the band managed not to miss a single show. Along the way they picked up experienced reggae singer Gary Fawaz, an old friend of Kirks, and immediatly adopted him a backing singer. This was not to last for long. Freddie's constant no-shows we're becoming a constant strain to the band, so Freddie was fired and Gary was promoted to lead singer. GO Gary!

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