Other Stories

Hilda the Turkey

The story of Hilda the Disco dancing turkey and her terrible ordeal with Bernard Matthews,MEI and who knows who else.


The Story of an old man who goes on an adventure and is challenged to do an impossible act.

Prairie Dog Stories

Here's an idea. Let's all write a story together. Anyone can read the story, and anyone can add to it. All we ask is that if you are going to add to it don't be stupid! i.e. no needless swearing, pornographic images, name-calling, plagurisum etc, etc. If you want to take the story down the road of the severly sureal, well that's great, lets go!

Just one more warning before we continue. As anyone can add to this story, the warnings above may well be ignored, and as such from time to time may contain content that some readers will find disturbing. Having said that it will be edited from time to time to remove said unsavoriness, and you can report abuse using the contact page.

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